Gateway NE71B07U Review

Another really great looking 17.3-Inch laptop that you might want to consider buying for your everyday activity is this one. This device is yet another member of the series I regretfully do not know anything about. This laptop is part of a series known as Gateway, which I believe belong to Acer. What I find slightly off-putting is the fact that they do not specify it is an Acer laptop (for instance Acer Gateway something, instead of just Gateway something).

If I am not wrong, which I surely hope I’m not, the Gateway NE71B07U has inherited all of the good things that Acer has for their laptops, those being: great looks, great price and good performance. I can’t say that they are extremely popular in my country as most of the people here are indoctrinated into an old way of thinking which states “If I haven’t heard of it, it isn’t that good”. That’s why brands such as Acer or others aren’t necessarily all that popular where I live, but are entirely more powerful than the average laptop.

This laptop is at a very interesting price, too. At the time of this review it costs less than $450 and considering the 17.3-Inch display size, I think this is a great deal. You will have a really hard time actually finding something better than this for such a low price. Also, if you’re a fan of Windows 8, you’ll be glad to see that Gateway NE71B07U comes with Microsoft Windows 8 pre-installed on it.

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Who is it for? discussing who would benefit most from this laptop...

  • Student
    As far as I see things, this laptop would be perfect for a student. The main item that should be considered when buying a laptop for any kind of school purpose is the price. One needs to take into consideration the fact that school programs don't demand so much hardware as most of them have been outdated for more than a decade. The second and perhaps most important thing to realize is that you do not need a technological beast for a student. First off, you do not have the time to fully exploit said device to its maximum potential. Therefore, a laptop like this one would be positively perfect. If you are a student and the 17.3-inch size display is not too big for you, I would highly recommend the Gateway NE71B07U.

  • Casual User
    From all of the Casual Users I know of, I can honestly say none of them actually use the PC to its full potential. Most of them just use it for menial stuff such as web-browsing, social networking, the occasional movie and a few small games. Gateway NE71B07U is more than fit enough as to handle all of those tasks, and to top it all off, it doesn't really cost all that much either. This laptop would be close to perfect for any Casual user. I can't help but think that something cheaper and without so much strength will suit a casual user better, but that is only my opinion and mine alone. Oh and, for casual use, I think the 17.3-inch display is just awesome.

  • Business User
    I am of a firm belief that what business users should value the most is mobility. Above all else, they should consider packing more power into their devices without actually making them less practical / harder to transport. Now normally I'd recommend an Ultrabook as the perfect PC for this category, but since those PCs are much more expensive than the rest, I'd say Gateway NE71B07U would fit the task nicely as well. While you can't hope to squeeze too much in the way of Multitasking from this laptop, it will most definitely work wonders for the businessman on a budget.

  • Power User
    As far as I see it, the power user PCs and gaming ones are the apex of technology as they have to have all of their components finely tuned to one another and running like clockwork to ensure the best of results. Needless to say, I think Gateway NE71B07U isn't fit to be put in the category of laptops recommended for a Power User.

  • Gaming
    The gaming laptop, as far as I see it, is positively the strongest kind of laptop one can find out there. Needless to say, this device is nowhere near being considered a gaming laptop. While many games will run on it ( I believe the 2010 games are the latest ones that will run on it, and even those will run at 20 frames per second on their lowest setting ), you cannot even begin to hope to use such a device in order to obtain performance in games. Gateway NE71B07U is not a gaming laptop.


Perhaps one of the better things of this device is the 17.3-inch size display and the fact that it has Microsoft Windows 8 installed on it. While some may not enjoy that particular version of Windows, it is not for me to decide how well it will actually run.

Perhaps one of the only, but sadly most impacting cons of this device is the fact that it is relatively weak compared to the stronger laptops around. However, that can act as a double-edged sword, as it also comes with a pretty big advantage. it will not cost altogether that much.

User Reviews: what others think?

Sadly, as of yet there are no customer reviews for this laptop. However, if you purchase it, you can be the first one to review Gateway NE71B07U.


In conclusion, this laptop would be perfect for any and all of these three categories: Student, Casual User and Business User. However, I cannot emphasize enough how much Power Users and Gamers should only get their laptops from professional builds, if not build their own from ground zero.
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Technical Details

Processor AMD E-450 Dual-Core 1.65 GHz (2 Cores)
Video Card Radeon HD 6320
RAM Memory 4GB DDR3
Audio integrated with Built-in Stereo Speakers
Operating System Windows 8
Display 17.3-inch 1600 x 900px
Storage Drive 500 GB 5400rpm
WiFi 802.11 b/g/n
USB 2.0 Ports 2
USB 3.0 Ports 1
Built-in Camera 1.3 MP
Built-in Microphone Yes
Optical Drive DVD±RW
Memory Card Reader Yes
Bluetooth -
Headphone-out Yes
VGA-out Yes
HDMI-out Yes
LAN-out Yes
Color Satin Black
Width 16.33 in.
Depth 10.83 in.
Height 1.36 in.
Weight 7.05 lbs.
Battery Life up to 4.5-hours
Warranty 1 YEar

Updated on November 4th, 2012

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