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If you are here you probably want to know more about this website. Well here it goes:

My name is Andrew, have been around computers and computer hardware since about the age of 5. One of my neighbors had a computer shop and service and most of us kids were welcome to play around with the stuff in the service as a way of test driving the repaired computers and see if they were still making problems for the customers. As things went on the children interested in the whole hardware and repair part have managed to filter themselves out and we started to actually service some of the computers. At first only very minor repairs but as we got better and better we could assemble an entire computer from start to finish and ready for delivery to the customer.

My experience with computer hardware and software quickly got noticed in school and it got me the position of one of the assistants of the schools’ system administrator. There we mostly managed and took care of the schools’ computers. As opposed to doing computers individuality here I learned how to setup 20-30 PCs simultaneously in the same time it would take to setup 1 PC. I also got into contact with a lot of networking hardware and setup problems that have helped me to this day.

In college everything slowed down, but I would still occasionally repair some fellow students laptop and take care of my own and my families computers. Having to do with many computers over the course of my life I can honestly say I have over 25 years of computer software and hardware maintenance experience.

When I first started writing on this website I wanted to help people find the best deal on affordable high performance laptops and at first the reviews themselves were pretty small with not that much information. I was aiming to help people like me who already knew something about computers and knew what they are looking for.

After a while I started getting better at writing the reviews and slowly realized that most people, regular people, don’t really know or care very much about what the hardware inside actually is and what it’s called, they mostly want to know if it can run a specific application they need to run or if they can do something particular with it. Most people just want to buy a good laptop to handle their business or take to college.

After having to help multiple friends and acquaintances decide what Laptops to buy, this point really started hitting home to me and I quickly realized that insanely detailed technical reviews like Notebookcheck.com aren’t really aimed at regular people. No regular person will be able to hear the difference between a laptop that makes 40db of noise as opposed to another with only 39db of noise. Or no regular person will be able to tell how bright his laptop screen is in cd/m². All you need to know is whether or not you can see the screen in sun light.

As such I have begun writing a series of guides aimed toward educating you, the reader, so that you can make a better choice in your search for a good laptop. I’m still not entirely sure how much detail I should actually leave in these guides, but I will try to make them as practical and usable as possible. I try to explain most of the computing terms by comparing them to other daily activities you can relate to more easily.

I have also decided to write my reviews of individual laptops differently. I will not be putting so much detail on the hardware itself anymore and will aim more toward actual usability, what it can do, what you can expect and how it is to use each laptop in real life, with real programs and usage. I know this will not sit well with people interested in technical details, numbers and performance figures, but there are plenty of other websites out there that go into very high level of detail. If barging rights are what you are looking for so you can show your friend your computer is 2% better than his, then there’s plenty of information out there.

For the rest of us, regular folk, who just want to get our job done and have some entertainment in a good laptop, I think my reviews are and will continue to be more than enough and easy to understand.

If you have any questions about the website or me, or if you would like me to help you find the perfect laptop for your needs, feel free to contact me using the contact page.

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