HP 2000-425NR Review

The Processor runs at 1.3Ghz on 2 cores which makes it suitable for faster multitasking. The video card is integrated ATI Mobility Radeon HD 6310 using shared memory (Up to 949MB total) with 500Mhz Core Speed* and 500Mhz Shader Speed*. Support for DirectX 11, Shader 5.0. Gaming performance is similar to a Nvidia ION or Intel HD Graphics graphics cards (you can check out more here).
Due to the 2GB DDR3 memory this laptop has a fast boot up time, the memory can be extended to a maximum of 8GB which is more than enough for this laptop. The sound quality is pretty good thanks to the Premium Altec Lansing speakers. The main hard drive has a total capacity of 320GB, an average hard drive for everyday use. The display is a bright 15.6″ HD Brightview LED-Backlit display providing clearer images and higher contrast. The built-in webcam and high quality speakers makes it ideal for face to face talk.

This laptop is great for everyday office, school and general entertainment (social networks, videos, music, and more…).

Good value for money!

* The specified clock rates are only guidelines for the manufacturer and can be altered by them.

First off, there are strong laptops, and weak laptops. The HP 2000-425NR is one of the weaker ones, however, if you’re on a budget, it’s perfect for you. This laptop offers all of your required functions without actually trying to impress you with unnecessary bells and whistles.

If ever you find yourself in need of a device with sufficient hardware strength to do the most basic tasks necessary for any casual user, student or businessman that doesn’t require much multitasking, you are down to three choices: a tablet, a netbook or this laptop. Since a tablet costs too much and never reaches this amount of power, we’re stuck with a mere two choices ; a netbook, or this device. I own both a netbook and a laptop and I can honestly say, while the netbook weighs much less, I’m willing to carry 2 kilograms more for the extra performance and screen size.

Trust me, trying to write something or read something on a netbook is a real nuisance. You’re much better of conducting your business from such a laptop, rather than ruining your eye sight and struggling with the tiny keyboard of a netbook.
If you’re interested in this laptop, now would be the time to act as there are only a few left in stock. Truth be told, rare is the case that you find a good device for such a low price. Plus, if you’re interested in just getting a laptop with the basic stuff so you can take your business with you on the go without actually paying for things you do not need, this device is the one for you.

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Who is it for? discussing who would benefit most from this laptop...

  • Student
    In my opinion, a student lacks the time for complex activities such as gaming, for instance. So, what laptop would best suit one? Why, a laptop with enough strength as to run any program, of course. If need be, the storage space of the HDD should also be taken into consideration. A student will most definitely benefit from this laptop. HP 2000-425NR has all of the necessary features and the basic necessary hardware strength to successfully run any program demanded in any school / college. The storage space helps so you can store a ton of digital books and learning material.

  • Casual User
    A casual user is someone that requires no such thing as a powerful hardware. What a casual user needs is enough to run the internet, an occasional document, movies, music and pictures. So as long as it can fulfill the basic computer functions and have a bit of storage space, it's good to go. This laptop is positively PERFECT for a casual user. No laptop can be better. It has all the necessary things without actually adding any unnecessary bells and whistles to the combination. At the time of this review, this laptop was selling for under $350, making it great for casual use and for those on a budget looking for basic computing power.

  • Power User
    For me, a power user is someone that requires a lot of hardware strength, but mostly a lot of speed to be used for multitasking. As I already mentioned above, this laptop isn't fast enough to handle the multitasking of businessmen, so why would it handle the strenuous activity used by a power user. No, categorically no. The people in this category should stay away from this laptop as it would just be a waste of money for a power user.

  • Business User
    To me a business user is somebody that will use the laptop for business purposes only. Those purposes include and are not limited to: using and working with a document / program, storing data or using them for a bit of multitasking. Apart from the multitasking bit, the HP 2000-425NR is good enough to handle all of the above mentioned operations.

  • Gaming
    A gaming laptop is the apex of laptop technology, having all of the required feature : strength, speed, storage space, a great graphics card and all of that. Needless to say, HP 2000-425NR has no business whatsoever with gaming. Those who want a gaming laptop should be prepared to fork over more than 1000 dollars for a good device. They have no business looking at this particular laptop, for it will not suit those in this category.


HP 2000-425NR is a fairly good laptop. For such a low price, it offers you all of the necessary operations without actually forcing upon you all sorts of features and programs that you aren't sure you will ever use.

The HP 2000-425NR is perfect for casual users and students. For more demanding users, there are better options to consider. Power users might find this laptop as an overly too simplistic laptop.

User Reviews: what others think?

As of now there are no reviews to be found. I've been unable to find any customer reviews whatsoever as the laptop is relatively new. In other words, it remains to be seen what the other people think. At the current time there are no good and no bad reviews to be found whatsoever.

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In conclusion, the HP 2000-425NR is perfect for casual users and students, it is good for business users, but it is terrible for power users and gamers. If you already know what you want from a laptop, then this is the perfect device for you as it offers all that you truly need without charging you for unnecessary features.
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Technical Details

Processor AMD E-300 Accelerated 1.3 Ghz (2 Cores)
Video Card AMD Radeon HD 6310
RAM Memory 2GB DDR3
Audio integrated with Altec Lansing Speakers
Operating System Windows 8
Display 15.6-inch 1366 x 768px
Storage Drive 320 GB 5400rpm
WiFi 802.11 b/g/n
USB 2.0 Ports 3
USB 3.0 Ports None
Built-in Camera 0.3 MP
Built-in Microphone Yes
Optical Drive DVD±RW
Memory Card Reader Yes
Bluetooth -
Headphone-out Yes
VGA-out Yes
HDMI-out -
LAN-out Yes
Color Charcoal Gray
Width 9.72 in.
Depth 14.8 in.
Height 1.23 - 1.41 in.
Weight 5.50 lbs. lbs.
Battery Life up to 5 hours & 45 minutes
Warranty 1 Year Limited

Updated on January 6th, 2013

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